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The State’s Employees´ Social Security and Social Services Institute (ISSSTE), created by presidential decree on December 30th of 1959, is a decentralized organism that consists of an own administration, a legal personality and own patrimony conformed by the workers’ contributions as well as Federal Government’s aid.

The administration of the Institute is presided over by the General Director as well as a Board of Directors, main

governing organ integrated by five representatives from the Federal Government and five from the Federation of Workers´ Unions to the Service of the State.

The Mexican President has the faculty to designate the General Director and the President of the Board of Directors, where as the governmental representatives must be the holders of the Secretariat of Health (SS)Secretariat of Labor and Social Security (STPS) , Secretariat of Social Development (SEDESOL)Finance and Public Credit Secretariat (SHCP)and the Civil Service Department (SFP).

The Board of Directors is the only one authorized to appoint and to remove confidence personnel at the first level of the Institute, this initiative must be followed by a proposal of the General Director, notwithstanding the faculties which have been delegated to him. This governing organ is in charge of several courses of action such as establishing the budget, the programmatic direction, the administrative and functional organization of the Institute and, of course, it also supervises the costs of the institutional operation.

The Chief Executive is the main directorate, maximum administrative authority and the one in charge of the Institute’s efficient operation. Since the Institute was created according to the presidential agreement that gave it a legal personality, the Law of the ISSSTE soon became the legal regulation which nowadays represents the instrument for the Legislative Power. In order to provide social welfare to the State’s workers and their family members, the Institute has the authority as well as the duty to make the respective retentions of a percentage from the public workers’ wages.

The organization and operation of the Institute are regulated by several instruments, thus, the Board of Directors consists of its own Regulation. However, the normative frame of greatest importance for the processes and operations of the institution is the Organic State, a legal mechanism that determines the structure and administrative organization. It also authorizes the different organs to integrate and to develop their functions and faculties. These cover all levels and aspects such as medical, sports, cultural and recreational activities, economics and investigation, just to mention a few; this with the main objective of conforming an inclusive concept of social security for the workers to the service of the State.

Presently, the ISSSTE has signed agreements with State governments and public decentralized organisms in order to offer social security to their workers. It grants social services to an average of more than two million workers and more than four beneficiaries per worker, which means that today there are more than ten million Mexican beneficiaries in a whole.

Being social security coverage its main purpose, the Institute holds the Constitutional duty and right to provide and protect the health of the public servants; this is the reason why it is called to give fulfillment to the General Law of Health, as well as the inherent normative frame to its fundamental function.

Main services that integrate by the ISSSTE:



Saving for retirement

Medical Care


Loans to workers and beneficiaries

Work's risks coverage

Social and cultural services

House financing


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